Since its origins in 2006 and the development of the first line of access ramps, PPHU Larisa has been focused on designing and delivering products which are safe and easy to operate with a low unit weight and a high durability. Add a great con-venience in operation by female personnel of transport vehicles, and this line of products leaves the competition behind. With the experience gained on EU markets, PPHU Larisa created the EasyAccess® line of products that can be effortlessly, conveniently and safely operated by the transport vehicle personnel, with full confidence and satisfaction of the passenger groups they are dedicated to.

The flagship products showcased in this Catalogue are complemented by the high capabilities of PPHU Larisa in custom design engineering and production which stem from a profound experience and enable custom delivery from scratch or by modifying the existing products in the range of PPHU Larisa.

With the care for your passengers in mind, all ramps manufactured by PPHU Larisa meet the current applicable regulations and standards, including the following EU interoperability directives:

  • UIC
  • DIN 32985
  • DIN 51130
  • EN 45545

Portable ramps

Portable ramps are easy to move and deploy at every location of use. The onboard portable ramps can be deployed inside the access doors on both sides of the vehicle to save space, reduce the operating costs and reduce the vehicle service weight. Portable ramps can also be stowed on railway stations and platforms and readily moved to their deployment sites. The portability of the ramps manufactured by PPHU Larisa enables their use in an infrastructural environment incompat-ible with current regulations and standards.

ULTRALIGHT – Innovative line of ramps

Due to the completion of the project called “Diversification of the activities of the PPHU LARISA company by introducing an innovative line of ramps for people with mobility limitations based on the use of ultra-light and modern construction composites”, co-financed by the European Union, under the Regional Operational Program of the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for 2014-2020, sub-measure 1.6.2., PPHU LARISA, on January 3, 2020, introduced an innovative line of ramps called ULTRALIGHT to its product offer. 

The ULTRALIGHT ramp line is a response to the reported market demand from the company’s current and potential customers.

As a result of an exemplary research and development process and the purchase of fixed assets necessary to implement this project, a globally innovative line of ULTRALIGHT ramps was introduced to the market, the main advantage of which is the lightness of the structure.

The main advantages of ramps with low structural weight:

  • easy and quick ramp service by vehicle staff,
  • enabling the production and use of longer ramps than those previously used;
  • reducing the total weight of vehicles, which translates into lower energy consumption needed to drive the vehicle and, as a result, lower costs throughout the train’s life cycle.

Thanks to the purchase of new optimization and research tools, PPHU LARISA will adapt the parameters of each ramp to the individual customer needs.

We encourage you to submit inquiries about the new line of ULTRALIGHT ramps.


The Type LWXX-04 ramp is the lightest portable ramp. When folded, the portable ramp becomes a suitcase-sized object the convenient handle and a low weight of which facilitates carrying to a considerable distance and easy operation, espe-cially by female personnel. The ramp is accredited and certified by the research body at the Railway Institute in Warsaw as an TSI PRM compliant product.

The Type LWXX-04 ramp features the proprietary Larisa® RubberFooting system which provides anti-slip and anti-vi-bration protection. The ramp has guardrails on both sides and a FastLock closure, comprising a strong and simple Velcro-secured strap. Anodized aluminium parts make the product robust and fit for long, heavy duty operation. The ramp length and width depend on the custom order. PPHU Larisa provides competitive prices and a great flexibility of custom design.


The Type LSXX-02 portable ramp has been designed for passenger rail wagons and buses. This model is dedicated to wher-ever the ramp length must exceed 200 cm and the vehicle floor height above the platform level is extremely large. This ramp model is available with any custom length up to 3.5 m. Passenger rail wagon ramps can feature optional security latches for attachment to the vehicle structure. An optional wheel-chair platform is available for negotiation of onboard stairs.

The ramp can be optionally integrated with a gas-spring operated rack to facilitate storage and deployment. This solution provides operating convenience especially to the female personnel. The Type LSXX-02 ramp features a minimalist design and an intuitive and easy operation

Stationary ramps

The stationary ramps are the ramp models permanently installed in the vehicle as their operating site, which reduces the deployment time as compared to the portable models. The stationary ramps are usually integrated with the vehicle floor. Their primary applications include tram cars, buses, trol-leybuses, and suburban commuting trains.

TYPE R09-02

A stationary ramp integrated with the chassis (and used e.g. in the Jazz Duo tram cars in Warsaw). The design of the Type R09-02 ramp is a response to the demand for a simple, budget-friendly and reliable access solution operated by the driver. The innovative concept of the ramp extension from beneath the vehicle chassis, instead of the traditional hinged flap action, has been instantly acclaimed by those vehicle operators who value ease of vehicle sanitation and a high efficiency of onboard features.

This ramp type extends from underneath the vehicle floor, so the integration does not require any joints or seams within the door area and the cabin floor does not lose its water-proof performance. The ramp is made from lightweight, self-passivated materials for a guaranteed durability. The ramp features the proprietary Larisa® RubberFooting antislip system. To provide maximum safety of passengers, the ramp also features an NC 24-volt induction sensor to indicate the ramp position on the driver’s control desk.

TYPE P95-01

The  Type  P95-01  stationary  folding ramp installed in the floor of the vehicle is the traditional and most popular type of ramps for tram cars and buses. Its key features include exceptional ease and quickness of deployment and storage. The dedicated gasket between the ramp flap and tray effectively protects the ramp from the ingress of water. The ramp is made from lightweight, self-passivated materials for a guaranteed durability. The ramp features the proprietary Larisa® RubberFooting anti-slip system. To provide maximum safety of passengers, the ramp also features an NC 24-volt induction sensor to indicate the ramp position on the driver’s control desk.

TYPE APW-03 Innovative, automatic sliding platform for people with disabilities

As a result of the completion of the project „Design and construction of an automatic withdrawable bridge for people with disabilities” co-financed under the OPERATIONAL PROGRAM Intelligent Development priority axis 2, Support for the environment and business potential to conduct business R+D+I activity 2.3 Pro-innovative services for enterprises sub-measure 2.3.2 Innovation vouchers for MŚP – general contest, PPHU LARISA purchased R&D services from a rese­arch unit, consisting in the development of an innovative product, which is an automatic sliding bridge for the disabled for urban rail vehicles.

As a result of this cooperation, on June 12, 2020, PHU LARISA introduced a new innovative product, an automatic sliding platform for people with disabilities the APW-03

Rampa AWP 03