Other products

Ceiling systems

In response to popular demand, PPHU Larisa has expanded its product range with durable and lightweight ceiling systems based on aluminium shapes.

The ceiling systems can be adapted to any vehicle interior trim configuration, including HVAC vents, lamps and structural supports for handrails and other trim features.

Handrail connectors

The proprietary handrail connector system from PPHU Larisa guarantees efficient and strong joining mounting of handrails, handholds, and vestibule units. These products feature superior quality provided by die casting of aluminium alloy components.

The ergonomic shape of the handrail connectors provides a comfortable and safe use of onboard handrail systems. The exceptional industrial design features and the powder-coat finish in any colour of choice help harmonize the handrail solutions from PPHU Larisa with every vehicle interior colour pattern.


Roof installation covers

The skills and in-depth professional experience of the engineers at PPHU Larisa provided a range roof installation covers manufactured from composite materials and aluminium shapes. The roof installation covers are manufactured per customer designs or designed by PPHU Larisa from scratch, according to custom specifications. The RoofCover series is usually intended for tram cars.

The roof installation covers are manufactured with CNC machine tools to guarantee workmanship repeatability and ease of installation. PPHU Larisa provides engineering consulting to help integrate its roof installation covers with other rail vehicle roof equipment.

Sander fill plug

A universal product which can be adapted to the sander fill port diameter. The sander fill plugs are made from an expanding elastomer material for an improved resistance to heavy-duty conditions of railway service.

Key features of the sander fill plugs:

  • Quick and easy operation
  • Sure fit and seal
  • High durability